John David Duggar Crashed Plane With 2 Passengers Over Engine Problems

John David Duggar Crashed Plane With 2 Passengers Over Engine Problems

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On top of his household’s rough legal problems, John David Duggar supposedly experienced an airplane crash inOctober

A 911 dispatcher informed People that the 19 Kids and Counting star, 32, was piloting an airplane when he reported a crash. Per the dispatcher, Duggar suffered “double engine failure” and was required to land in a field.

E! News got the National Transportation Safety Board’s Aviation Accident Preliminary Report, which detailed an airplane crash in Waverly, Tenn., on Oct 29 at about 7 p.m. The report didn’t discuss who was included, however mentioned that the pilot and 2 guests suffered no injuries. It included that the damage to the aircraft, a Piper PA-30, was “substantial.”

Per People, the aircraft was signed up to Medic Choppers and comes from MedicCorps Duggar deals with the non-profit as the director of company, stating on its site that he formerly worked as a Fireman and Emergency Medical Responder with the Fire Department and is likewise the CEO of Natural State EnvironmentalServices Medic Corp has actually intended to supply “significant emergency medical care during times of catastrophic disaster” considering that Super Typhoon Yolanda affected the Phillipines in 2013.

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