Johnny Bananas on Cementing His Legacy as The Challenge G.O.A.T and His “Most Special” Win Yet – E! Online

Johnny Bananas on Cementing His Legacy as The Challenge G.O.A.T and His

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20 seasons. 9 finals. 7 wins. Like the male himself will most certainly inform you: “The numbers don’t lie.”

In The Challenge: Total Madness‘ finale on Wednesday night, Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio lastly handled to break the supposed curse that’s haunted him since his last win throughout Rivals III when he chose to take all the cash from his partner Sarah Rice

Bananas took house the $500,000 reward as the male winner of the MTV hit’s 35th season, with Jenny West crossing the goal initially in the intense last for the female rivals. 

In the 5 seasons Bananas had actually contended in given that making the notorious choice to keep the $275,000 for himself, the 38-year-old had not even come close to reaching a last, with fans and fellow rivals questioning if his winning days lagged him.

“I’ve never been one to believe in spiritual or external mystical forces that have any sort of effect on what happens good or bad in my life,” Johnny informed E! News in a phone interview. “I didn’t feel like it was a curse.”

But the truth star confessed he was feeling a various sort of curse: “I did start to doubt myself. I did start to think that maybe there was something out there that was working against me.”

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