JoJo Fletcher Gives Advice to Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay, Says She Was ‘Shocked’ by the Finale


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EXCLUSIVE: JoJo Fletcher Gives Advice to Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay, Says She Was ‘Shocked’ by the Finale

JoJo Fletcher is one of the few people in the world who can relate to what Rachel Lindsay and her new fiancé Bryan Abasolo are going through right now. The 26-year-old former Bachelorette star has been happily engaged to her man, Jordan Rodgers, for more than a year now, but understands the pressures of post-show life.

JoJo spoke with ET’s Lauren Zima on Thursday at the Sole Society’s Fall Collection Launch at The Highlight Room in the Dream Hotel in Hollywood about the pressures the couple will face and her advice to them.

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“Right after, you go through hard times, and it’s not easy to transition into normal life that quickly. I know that I’m not the first to,” she tells ET. “We had a hard time, Rachel and Bryan will have a hard time, Kaitlyn [Bristowe] and Shawn [Booth], you all go through these situations where you’re trying to figure out it out. If you’re able to get through it, it turns into something very beautiful.”

JoJo also thinks it’s important not to let the negativity seep into the couple’s relationship.

“You’re going to be so overwhelmed by so much love and so much support because the Bachelor Nation fanbase, that following, is unbelievable how supportive they are, but you’re always going to have the negative opinions and the hurtful comments,” she noted. “I think if you just focus on your relationship, not let it get to you — it’s going to get to you but not let it get to you to the point to where you start taking it out on each other — and if you’re able to get through that, then I think your relationship proves itself.”

The former reality star admitted that Rachel’s intense finale earlier this week kept her on the edge of her seat.

“I watched the finale, and I think I was just as drawn and shocked as everyone else and just into it. The breakup with Peter was super intense but in the finale she looked super beautiful and so happy so I’m happy for them,” she said.

She added that Peter’s behavior in the finale made him worthy of being the next Bachelor.

“I think people are really excited for Peter,” JoJo said. “I think that he handled himself very well, very gracefully and respectfully, so I hope that if he’s wanting to do it and he’s offered that, that people would be excited for him.”

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As for her own relationship, JoJo explained that she and her fiancé, Jordan, haven’t started their wedding plans just yet.

“Right after we got engaged, we were like, ‘We’re gonna get married!’ and we were talking about it and we were like, ‘Whoa! Ok, let’s live life,’” she said. “So we really took this last year to just really be with each other and live life and get into some normalcy, so it hasn’t been a topic of conversation and we never felt pressured. But just last month we were driving in the car and it kind of popped into my head, I was like, ‘Maybe we should start thinking about it now.’ So I’m kind of getting the wedding bug a bit but at the same time, it’s not something we’re just going to rush into.”

For more from The Bachelorette finale, watch the clip below!



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