Josh Duhamel to Replace Armie Hammer in Shotgun Wedding Film – E! Online

Josh Duhamel to Replace Armie Hammer in Shotgun Wedding Film - E! Online

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UPDATE:  Earlier this month, reports appeared that Josh Duhamel remained in talk with change Armie Hammer in the upcoming movie Shotgun Wedding, likewise starring Jennifer Lopez. It ends up, things are formally main. According to People, who initially shared the news on Saturday, Jan. 30, the 48-year-old Las Vegas star has actually signed on to the Lionsgate job.

E! News has actually connected to both the studio and Josh’s reps. At this time, we have yet to get an action from the star’s group, while the studio hasn’t commented.

Below, get all the information on why Armie stepped down from the function in the very first location.


The Armie Hammer legend continues: Josh Duhamel is now in talk with change Hammer in the movie Shotgun Wedding along with Jennifer Lopez, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

A source informs E! News, “Nothing is official right now, however, Jennifer would welcome the chance to work with Josh Duhamel. They have met before and she thinks he’s a great guy.”

THR reports that Lopez does have a say in who will be her co-star. 

Directed by Pitch Perfect‘s Jason Moore, the motion picture supposedly follows 2 fans at their location wedding event, as the visitors are hijacked. 

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