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Julianne Hough Drops

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This previous year was definitely filled with ups and down for Julianne. In addition to the difficulties she noted above, Julianne experienced numerous personal difficulties. Last September, for example, her pets Harley and Lexi died. Then, after months of split speculation, Julianne and Brooks Laich revealed their choice to separate. However, a source informed E! News the celebs have really “been working on their relationship for several months.” 

“The pandemic, and time isolating together and apart has forced both of them to do some serious soul searching,” the expert stated. “Julianne realized that she misses Brooks’ steadfast companionship. Julianne knows she has a good man in Brooks and willing partner in resolving things between them.”

The duo was found out together last month, and the source recommended they have actually been investing a great deal of time together over the last numerous weeks. The expert hinted they have their liked ones’ assistance, too.  

“Julianne’s friends and family have remained connected to Brooks and they have let Julianne know that Brooks has their support, and they would love to see the two of them continue working things out,” the source continued. “They’re both putting in the effort to be the couple they want to be, and it seems they’ve almost fully reconciled.”

Julianne opened about her year of modification in a post shared to Instagram previously this month, composing, “When we choose to surrender to the process of transformation, we begin to understand how beautiful and joyous the process can truly be…”

Watch the above clip to see her video.

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