Justin Trudeau spotted running through a pack of high schoolers, no one noticed except Twitter


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Some world leaders like to tweet, others like to power walk with their wives and counterparts. Justin Trudeau, however, enjoys photobombing unsuspecting constituents in his spare time.

Canada’s Prime Minister was photographed over the weekend while out running and accidently made his way into a frame of high schoolers en route to their school formal.

Justin Trudeau photobombs prom photo

The Canadian Prime Minister was jogging in Vancouver when he happened upon a group of high school students posing for prom photos.

In the shot, a group of students stand in their best dresses and rented tuxedos while Trudeau, in shorts and a T-shirt advertising a small Canadian winery called Norman Hardie, trots through in the background like a gazelle directed by David Attenborough.

No one in the photo, which was taken in Vancouver and posted on Twitter, nor the photographer, appeared to notice the politician running by.

Later down the track someone did pick out Trudeau and recruited him for a photo. The result was yet another gift of one of the world’s most photogenic heads of state.


A post shared by Cam Corrado (@crrdo) on May 20, 2017 at 12:33pm PDT

Trudeau has form in being photographed while off duty.

Last year, he was snapped shirtless wearing nothing but a rolled down wetsuit in the background of a beach wedding in British Columbia.

Before that he posed for a selfie, while shirtless again, with a family who were hiking in Quebec. 

But 2017 has been a big year for Trudeau being lauded for his looks. 

In February the internet couldn’t handle photos of Ivanka Trump “swooning” over Trudeau during his first meeting with President Donald Trump. 

That was after the Duchess of Cambridge was caught appreciating his company during an official visit to Canada.

Then a photo of his posterior posted to Twitter went viral.

The objectifying continued in March when photos of the politician in his pre-political days sent the world wide web into meltdown.

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