K-pop Star Forced to Sprint for His Life When Obsessed Fangirls Mobbed Him At The Airport


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Being well-known is one thing that many individuals need to obtain as you get reward, respect, and love from individuals all around the world, to not point out the perks and advantages that observe. However as with all issues, fame comes with a fairly hefty value to pay, particularly the lack of privateness.

Ok-pop star Park Woo Jin, a former Wanna One member can attest to that as a video of him has gone viral on social media displaying him actually sprinting as quick as he can as he’s mobbed by frantic followers, in response to a report by AllKPop.

The South Korean rapper and songwriter had just returned to his home country after some appearance shoots abroad for the Thailand edition of SBS variety show ‘Laws Of The Jungle.’ The video shows him walking through the airport with his entourage. After a quick glance, he suddenly realised that a swarm of manic fans were slowly closing in on him and straight up started running full speed. The video shows the girls laughing and calling out to him, with some even trying to chase after him as he tries to escape their clutches.

K-POP Rapper Literally Breaks Into Full-on Sprint To Get Away From Fangirl Swarm At The Airport - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: YouTube

It’s not uncommon for such occurrences, with many Korean celebrities living in fear of such “Sasaeng“ fans, generally females ranging from 17 to 22 years old. These obsessive fans have done things like trying to kidnap the stars, stalking them in real life, and even breaking into their homes and waiting for them. They also do borderline criminal acts like trying to steal their personal belongings and sending them messages in blood. It’s reported that most celebrities have 100 active stalkers every day.

Honestly, that’s enough to make anybody run.

Netizens who’ve seen the clip have commented their sympathy for the celebrity.

 “It’s so shameful he has to run, he should be able to walk normally. And I can’t believe they’re laughing, these stalkers should be fined!”

“Please quit following him like this. My heart hurts for him and I’m so upset. Even though they’re idols, they should be given privacy…”

You can watch the full video here.

What do you guys think? Do you encourage or support this behaviour? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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