Kanye West and Lil Pump’s new music video is a meme goldmine


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Kanye West, naturally, is a meme once more. 

He hasn’t launched a single music video for any of the songs on his latest album — not even for the poop-scooping single “Carry Your self” — however he did take a break from working Pornhub’s first awards present to premiere his new collaboration with Lil Pump. 

Within the music video for “I Love It,” Lil Pump and Kanye don huge boxy costumes and comically outsized Yeezys whereas waddling after a large model of comic Adele Givens.

It is quite a bit to soak up. 

Twitter customers could not assist however discover the resemblance to Minecraft:

Others had been reminded of one other autumnal meme:

To quote Billy Ray Cyrus, “What to heck?”

Some made references to Roblox:

Others identified that Kanye’s enormous Yeezy slippers weren’t made simply to mess with us. 

Some drew similarities between the “I Love It” costumes and different well-known outfits:

And others merely set the footage to the music of Wii:

The video leaves many questions unanswered — primarily, when, if ever, will these large Yeezy slides be on the market? 

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