Keke Palmer Asks the National Guard to March With Crowd During Protest

Keke Palmer Asks the National Guard to March With Crowd During Protest

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Keke Palmer is requesting members of the National Guard to march in uniformity with protesters in Hollywood.

In a video shared to Twitter by NBC News’ Gadi Schwartz on Tuesday, the 26-year-old is seen pleading with a group of National Guard members to march along with her and numerous other protesters as an act of unity. Palmer is seen informing one member that now is the time to “help” individuals and “to stop the governmental oppression” occurring.

She urged, “Let the revolution be televised, march beside us and show us that you’re here for us. Make history with us, please!”

As she consistently asked the group of military authorities to leave their post the crowd cheered her on, however the guys declined to get involved, mentioning orders from their superiors. “Make history with us, please! Please, just do it. Be the change. We are good people, march with us,” Keke firmly insisted. 

After getting pushback from the National Guard members, Keke stated she was “at a loss,” and almost quit. But among the protesters requested the guys to take a knee, which caused both protesters and the Guard members kneeling together. 

Despite the National Guard members’ rejection to march with Palmer and the rest of the protesters, the lead officer informed them, “I absolutely support your right to protest.”

Palmer’s enthusiasm originates from a location of anger and a desire for modification. On Instagram, the star shared her ideas on the international protest surrounding the cops killing of George Floyd and mentioned that she is normally “against violence,” however the demonstrations have actually brought her a “sense of calm” and a “sliver of vindication.”

Nonetheless, she voiced her viewpoint that real justice and peace will just be accomplished when individuals come together. She described, “We may not all have the same way to fight, but we need each other to win the battle.”

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