Kenny Omega hits out at Rollins after WWE star’s new finisher is similar to his V-Trigger


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Kneesy does it

The Architect used to use the Pedigree but has now adopted Omega’s move and used it on Monday night Raw

KENNY OMEGA has hit out at Seth Rollins after the WWE star used a finishing move similar to his.

For the past two years Rollins has used the Pedigree as his signature move but debuted a new move on Raw.


Seth Rollins used a move that looked like Kenny Omega’s Rain Trigger

The move was almost identical to the Rain Trigger used by Omega.

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And the New Japan star took to twitter share his views on Rollins copying his move.

Omega said: “Well, at least I still have my entrance music…

“To clarify, I’m not upset.

“The thievery of late is blatant/funny but anyone is free to put their own spin on stuff.

“I’ll be out doing the same.”

Kenny Omega hit out on Twitter at Seth Rollins for stealing his move


Kenny Omega hit out on Twitter at Seth Rollins for stealing his move

Rollins defeated Triple H at Wrestlemania 33

Rollins defeated Triple H at Wrestlemania 33

Omega – who has been the leader of the Bullet Club ever since AJ Styles went to WWE – is one of the most talented wrestlers on the indie scene.

The Rain Trigger has been in his arsenal of moves for many years and is inspired by Shinsuke Nakamura’s Kinshasa.

Now it seems Rollins is using it to put opponents away in Vince McMahon’s promotion.

Triple H rakes in the pounds through his role as an executive at WWE and through his occasional matches

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Triple H is famous for the pedigree which is what Rollins used to use

Most interesting though, Rollins set up Anderson for the Pedigree but changed his mind and hit the yet-unnamed knee strike instead.

This could be a sign of Rollins’ injured knee finally being recovered after being sidelined with a torn ASL last year.

Epic WWE battle between The Undertaker and RAW GM Kurt Angle

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