Kevin Hart Makes Dramatic Series Debut in True Story Trailer

Kevin Hart Makes Dramatic Series Debut in True Story Trailer

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This Thanksgiving we’re glad for household, pals, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, oh, and True Story–Netflix’s brand-new 7 episode minimal series.

The upcoming drama, which dropped its extreme very first trailer on Wednesday,Oct 27, stars Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes as a set of bros who could not be more various. Specifically, True Story follows The Kid (Hart), a world-famous comic, as he heads back to his home town of Philadelphia for a program. Yet he isn’t precisely invited house with open arms, as his older bro (Snipes) has actually appeared all of a sudden, bringing with him drama that threatens to mess up The Kid’s empire.

“Seven hours ago you were the biggest motherf–ker since Eddie,” Kid’s older bro notes in the trailer. “Now you’re about to be the most scandalous.”

The drama in concern consists of street battles, weapons and shattered glass. But as the trailer continues, losing his area on the phase does not appear to be The Kid’s most significant issue any longer, as he later on states, “Now I have a lot more to lose than just my career.”

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