Keystone shutdown makes these stocks purchases

Keystone shutdown makes these stocks buys

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Zim Integrated Shipping Service: “That thing is just too hot for me. It’s too hot. It is just, let’s see where — no. That one’s too hot. I mean, it’s had a very big run and those kinds of stocks are cooling right now. I want you to just walk away for a little bit. I think you can go lower.”

Churchill Capital IV: “I like Lucid and I like Fisker … I don’t like Lordstown, by the way. I think that one’s a bad ride. I believe in Lucid … I think you should own it.”

Kadmon: “You’ve got big-time speculation with Kadmon. Please, understand that’s an up 10, down 10.”

IBM: “If you’re purchasing [CEO Arvind Krishna’s] IBM, you’re opting for development and I believe there will be development.”

BP Midstream Partners: “These are the kinds you have to be buying. I like Enterprise, I like Oneok. I like this whole group. Why? Because after what I saw today with the Keystone, they ain’t never going to be able to get another pipeline approved in this country, so the ones that are existing are going to make money now.”

AquaBounty Technologies: “I think it’s kind of an interesting situation, but then again I also like Beyond Meat, so maybe I shouldn’t be trusted.”

Trade Desk: “I like Trade Desk. It’s come down, but remember those kinds of high-multiple stocks people don’t like them right now, and that’s one of the most expensive stocks in the entire market … but I’m going to stick by them.”

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