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Kourtney and Kylie Relive the

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A Kardashian forgives, however always remembers. 

On Feb. 26, Kylie Jenner shared a video of her doing Kourtney Kardashian‘s makeup. The sis recollected about all the low and high of their domesticity, from their finest birthdays ever to arguments throughout journeys to Disney World. One significant minute the brother or sisters can’t ever forget? The time Kim Kardashian shaded Kourtney so tough, it ended up being a meme. 

As fans might remember, in a 2018 episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kourtney and Kim argue over scheduling for a photoshoot. Kim gets disappointed over the Poosh creator’s persistence that she leave by a specific time, and ultimately boots her sis from the shoot. Things get really heated and, upon Kourtney leaving the space, Kim informs somebody on the phone that her sis requires to stop imitating she “runs this s—” since Kourtney is “the least exciting to look at.” 

For some factor, fans have actually twisted the line to be “the least interesting to look at,” however no matter what words were in fact stated, the eldest Kardashian sis confesses they injure—a lot.

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