Ksubi co-founder Dan Single removes $250k Go Fund Me after backlash


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After a swift backlash, Dan Single has removed the Go Fund Me page he set up asking for a $250,000 handout to cover his two-month recovery and “incidentals” following an accident last month in which he fell three floors from his Paris hotel window.

In a day, nine people had made donations on the crowd funding page to help the Bondi Beach-based Ksubi jeans co-founder-turned-DJ, 36, who is married to model Bambi Northwood-Blyth, 25, reach $405.

Four of them contributed $5 each so they could be given the chance to comment on what they described as an attempt to “scrounge from the general public”.

“How come you can fund partying, drinking and overseas trips but not your own recovery?” Anonymous asked.

Another wrote: “I am sorry you are hurt, it could happen to anyone, and I do not wish you ill. You should realise, however, that you project the image of a very immature man. You won’t be ‘given’ $250k. It’s seems self-delusional, greedy and grasping. There are people truly deserving of financial assistance and your downfall (no pun meant) appears to have been brought about as a result of your own well-documented history of hedonistic behaviour. Take this down [before] too many people see it and stop believing your own PR.”

One questioned: “In 2009 you had $21 million to your name, so where has all that money gone? … You should be punished for setting this page up.”

Single and Northwood-Blyth love to share their extensive travels of the world on their Instagram accounts. In the last year alone they’ve visited London, Paris, Miami, California, Colorado, Marrakech, St Tropez, Marseille, Byron Bay, Gold Coast, and Hamilton Island.

The pair, who co-own rosé brand, Pour Les Amour, and a luxury pyjamas range, Pjame, like to travel first class, be chauffeured in Rolls Royce office cars, and stay in five star hotels, including the exclusive Qualia resort, which costs at least $550 per night.

They also have a love for designer goods, including a $6250 baby blue, Gucci tuxedo suit that Single likes to adorn for “business meetings”.

“Help fund the hospital bill, rehab bill, early flights home, being unable to make bread and work over the next [few] months and all the incidentals the family is covering at the moment,” Single wrote on the fundraising page.

Fairfax Media asked Single, Northwood-Blyth and their representatives – The Look Agency and IMG respectively – if he had travel insurance and if he could break down how the $250,000 would be spent.

One representative for Single would neither confirm or deny the authenticity of the Go Fund Me page and added to Fairfax Media: “I can’t comment on that today, sorry.”

Opening up about the accident for the first time at the Grand Hotel Amour in the 10th arrondissement, Single wrote that he fell 35 metres and it was a “miracle” he didn’t break his spine.

“I … did a summersault [sic] and landed on my feet which saved my spine and my brain (a miracle says the doctor, a one in 100 million chance),” he wrote.

“I did, however, shatter every bone from my feet to my hips and pelvis. I have been in a coma for two weeks, had eight operations and [I’m] covered in pins and bolts in my bones.

“I cannot use my legs for another month or two, so will be in a rehab centre in Paris recovering.”

Single, who has a 10-year-old son, Justice, with former partner, P.E. Nation designer, Pip Edwards, said he feels “grateful” to be alive and like he “has been given a second lease at life”.

“I am also lucky to have my family here by [my] side – wife, mother, brother and at least a visitor a day,” he added.

No mention on whether the fundraising dinner in Sydney in early May to further fund Single’s recovery is still going ahead. “Every lil bit is appreciated [sic],” Single added.

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