Labor Board Rules Google’s Firing of James Damore Was Legal


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Google didn’t violate federal labor legislation when it fired James Damore, a lawyer for the Nationwide Labor Relations Board (NLRB) concluded in a lightly-redacted memo made public Thursday. The previous senior software program engineer was fired from Google in August after internally circulating a ten-page memo arguing partly that girls aren’t as biologically fitted to coding jobs as males. After he was terminated, Damore filed a grievance with the NLRB, arguing that Google had violated his proper to take part in protected exercise, particularly addressing issues in his office. The NLRB memo disagrees with Damore’s grievance, and recommends dismissing it, had been it not withdrawn.

Damore dropped the NLRB grievance final month to as a substitute deal with a category motion lawsuit he and one other former Google worker introduced towards the corporate accusing it of discriminating towards white, male, and conservative workers. The NLRB memo launched Friday was written by legal professional Jayme Sophir in January—lower than ten days after Damore filed his lawsuit.

Sophir concluded that Damore’s memo contained each protected statements (like criticizing Google) and never protected statements (perpetuating stereotypes about ladies), and that Google in the end fired Damore for issues he mentioned that weren’t protected beneath federal legislation. Sophir wrote in her memo that workplaces ought to have the flexibility to “‘nip within the bud’ the sorts of worker conduct that would result in a ‘hostile office.'”

She additionally mentioned that Damore’s statements about ladies in his memo “had been discriminatory and constituted sexual harassment, however effort to cloak feedback with ‘scientific’ references and evaluation, and however ‘not all ladies’ disclaimers. Furthermore, these statements had been prone to trigger severe dissension and disruption within the office.” Sophir’s memo additionally cites two situations during which ladies withdrew their candidacy for engineering positions at Google after studying in regards to the existence of Damore’s memo.

Extra on Damore’s Memo

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