Lady Gaga Sued by Woman Charged in Connection to Dog Theft

Lady Gaga Sued by Woman Charged in Connection to Dog Theft

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A female charged with assisting to take Lady Gaga‘s canines is wanting to bring the benefit cash that was guaranteed for their return.

Jennifer McBride, among 5 individuals jailed in connection with the 2021 armed dognapping of French bulldogs Koji and Gustav, submitted a claim versus the “Bad Romance” vocalistFeb 24, requiring $500,00 0, the amount of the benefit cash that the star had actually guaranteed anybody who securely returned her canines, per court files acquired by E! News.

According to the files, McBride called Gaga after the event and provided the canines to the Los Angeles Police Department Olympic Community PoliceStation McBride declares the vocalist breached the agreement by “refusing” to pay her, the suit states.

Per the files, McBride thinks that Gaga’s guarantee to pay the benefit cash of $500,00 0.00 “no questions asked” was made “with the intent to defraud and induce members of the public,” including herself, “to rely upon it and to act upon said promise by locating and delivering” the bulldogs.