Law & Order: SVU’s Octavio Pisano Talks Joe-Kathleen Theory

Law & Order: SVU’s Octavio Pisano on End-of-Season Surprises

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It’s maybe the most significant examination of all. Do investigators date?

While the performance history for investigators dating other investigators ( or captains) in Law & &Order:(**************************** )(********************* )Unit ‘s23 – year history, is, well, not the best, theInternet has postured an intriguing concern: What about an investigator and someone who isn’t a member of the NYPD’s finest? Enter, SVU Detective Joe Velasco and Elliot Stabler’s child,Kathleen

It’s simple to see why the ship, called “Joleen” by fans on Twitter, has actually removed in appeal online. Joe and Kathleen are 2 precious characters, both in a comparable age bracket, and based upon their looks in their particular Law & & Order reveals, both seem single.

So, in an examination all our own, E! News went right to the source, asking star Octavio Pisano what he considered the Internet’s newest pairing.

“I’ve asked a couple individuals, [but] I’m not actually great on Twitter,” he informed E!News “So when I do go on there, it’s just to post something I have on my mind, but when I try to find what people are talking about, I get lost in the comments.”