Lawyer for Ruby Franke’s Husband Denies Involvement in Alleged Abuse

Lawyer for Ruby Franke's Husband Denies Involvement in Alleged Abuse

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After Ruby Franke was charged with 6 felony counts of kid abuse, her hubby is speaking up.

Kevin Franke, through his legal representative Randy Kester, declared he and his partner– who was detainedAug 30 together with service partner Jodi Hildebrandt— have actually been living apart for 13 months and protected parenting his and Ruby’s 6 kids.

“He is a good person, he’s very gentle,” Randy shared on Good Morning America Sept 6. “He’s a very gentle guy. And no one has ever made any allegations that he’s physically abused those kids or anyone else.”

Randy likewise shared that in the light of the influencer’s arrest, Kevin’s top priority is their kids. “He just wants to do what’s best for his kids,” he shared, “get them back, get them under his tutelage and his fathership and protect them.”

Additionally, Kevin, according to his legal representative, is “distraught” over how the accusations are impacting his household.

E! has actually tried to reach legal representation for both Ruby and Jodi for remark however has actually been not able to discover contact details and previous efforts to reach the 2 straight have actually been not successful.