Layla Crawford Recalls Hanging Out With Venus and Serena Williams

Layla Crawford Recalls Hanging Out With Venus and Serena Williams

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Layla Crawford is starstruck on and off the tennis court.

The 17- year-old starlet specifically informed E! News about her experience dealing with Venus and Serena Williams on the set of King Richard.

“They’ve visited us on set. We’ve gone out to dinner with them a few times, talk to them on the Zooms and things like that,” Layla stated at Cirque du Soleil’s Red Carpet Premiere of OVO on March16 “They’re really nice. They’re very sweet people, very supportive.”

She included, “And they’re pioneers, especially for young Black women like me, so it means a lot.”

Thought it was an unbelievable experience, she stated that dealing with the movie with the tennis stars likewise included pressure for the cast to do their finest to represent their story. Layla, who plays Venus and Serena’s sibling Lyndrea Price, explained it as “beautifully overwhelming.”

“A lot of people know that they wanted to make sure the movie was to their standard,” she stated. “So the fact that they like signed on it and they loved it, it just means so much to me, because not only are we exploring their world, we are honoring them and their story. It’s such an important one that that needs to be told.”

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