Lele Pons Recalls Walking in On Her Dad Sleeping With Another Man

Lele Pons Recalls Walking in On Her Dad Sleeping With Another Man

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Lele Pons is reviewing the minute she strolled in on her daddy sleeping with another guy. 

The Latin pop star is talking in her brand-new YouTube series The Secret Life of Lele Pons, consisting of how her relationship with her daddy Luis was affected by his sexuality.

In sequel of the program, she exposes that she discovered he is gay when she was simply a little lady. “It was hard for me at first. It was hard because I was repeating him saying he was gay until it sounded right in my head,” Lele shares, describing how her OCD made this discovery harder. “So what happened was that I openly said he was gay—in my Catholic school. Impulsivity is a huge part of OCD. And when I found that my dad was gay, I said it during a presentation in my class. And everybody was, like: ‘This has nothing to do with what’s going on.'”

She includes, “And the teacher was, like—especially the teacher was very Catholic—she was, like: ‘Come here.'”


As Lele aged, she states that she enjoyed and accepted her daddy, however she didn’t totally comprehend that he was genuinely into males till she strolled in on him and another guy. “I came to his room and I saw him actually, like, sleeping with a man. And I was, like, 10 years old, and that for me was, like: ‘Oh, my God, I can’t believe it. Like, I saw… my dad.’ And that was very traumatizing, because I didn’t have to see that so vividly,” she remembers.

Though it was shocking, the 23-year-old states it assisted them to grow “so close.” 

Besides, she jokes that they’re now “even,” due to the fact that he has actually considering that strolled in on her throughout the act. 

As for both of their relationships with her mom, Lele and her daddy share that he combats with her more due to the fact that of Lele’s OCD. But as Lele sees it, they’re more disappointed due to the fact that they can’t assist her. She states that individuals with OCD requirement “professional help, not your parents,” due to the fact that usually they feed into her possibly harmful habits. 

But Luis discusses that they do not take it personally. He shares, “She really has made us the best people we can possibly be.”

To see the complete episode of Lele’s series, have a look at the video above. Episode 3 will go live next Tuesday on the star’s YouTube channel. 

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