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How Brie and Nikki Bella

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As a service, Nikki described that she and Artem developed a system: Each day, they both have 3 hours to themselves to do things like workout, journal, practice meditation and so on.

“So then we know like, ‘Okay, no matter what, I have to watch Matteo from this time to this time because Artem has his time,’ and vice versa,” the Total Bellas star informed podcast listeners. “And truthfully, I truly miss out on exercising…I have actually done something athletic because I’ve been an extremely youngster. And this is the longest ever in my life that I have actually refrained from doing like a exercise exercise. Yeah, I stroll, however I feel so not me and out of shape. And I do not like that sensation.”

Brie, who invited her 2nd kid, an infant young boy called Buddy, with her hubby Daniel Bryan (born Bryan Danielson) on Aug. 1, revealed that she might relate.

“I’m actually a little torn because obviously, I’m one of those every year, I’m always like ‘lose weight,'” she shared. “Especially since I still have baby weight. And I hate that I do that.”