Lewis Hamilton could see rival Sebastian Vettel join him at Mercedes next season, claims Eddie Jordan


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SunSport speaks to the British racing legend about the Formula One transfer season as drivers prepare for iconic race

EDDIE JORDAN is well known for his accurate predictions in the Formula One transfer window.

Big names such as Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso out of contract at the end of this season.

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Lewis Hamilton is in action at the Monaco Grand Prix this weekend

And the former team boss and C4 pundit gives SunSPORT his predictions as to what will happen for next season, with Fernando Alonso in line for a shock return to his former team.

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Jordan said: “The drivers’ managers maybe eyeballing opportunities and if I was a manager, I would be.

“It all revolves around what happens at Mercedes and how long they continue.

“They have been so successful but they are now at a stage of diminishing returns can only go backwards.

“They are a brilliant engine supplier and if I was the new bossing coming in, I would question why we need to have a team because they can only drop off.

“Lewis Hamilton likes Valtteri Bottas, who is quick and is low-aggravation, he also knows that psychologically he can beat him.

“He will be banging his fist to say the team should keep him because why would he want a Vettel or an Alonso against him?

“My guess is that Bottas will stay there unless Mercedes need to make a commitment before they stop to get in a German driver in their car.

“Vettel is a four-time world champion, can he come to finish his career with Mercedes like Michael Schumacher did?”

FA title rivals Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel have great professional respect

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FA title rivals Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel have great professional respect but would they get on as team-mates?
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Alonso’s potnetial return has fans dreaming of a thrilling battle with Hamilton, much like his war with Nico Rosberg.

But Jordan does not believe Mercedes chiefs would be prepared to risk the pairing.

He added: “McLaren are in such disarray. The senior management at the time were pushing Honda to come back too early and now the team are suffering as a result.

“Do I see Alonso there? No I don’t. The only way I would see him there is to pick up the pay check.

“Is there a chance for McLaren to win the championship? Not a chance. They have not got the infrastructure.

“They should be talking to Mercedes. If I was in the team I would close my eyes and call up Mercedes and say ‘you need us to carry you forward in the future and we can offer you a chance to win again’. I think it can happen.

“I don’t see Alonso going to Mercedes while Lewis is there. It can’t work.

“Mercedes aren’t stupid either. Those fireworks between them would reoccur.

“He won his two championships with Renualt and they love him. It would be great for brand and in a few years, they will be up there again.”

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One the rest of the merry-go-round, Jordan explained: “Felipe Massa can’t continue at Williams. Lance Stroll will stay and get better, but there need to be a strong leader in the team.

“There is talk of Sergio Perez going to Ferrari to replace Kimi and Perez has shown he can do a good job.

“What Force India are doing is phenomenal and full marks to the team for getting on with the job in hand.

“They will not lose Esteban Ocon he is fabulous. He is the real deal and must be the first rookie to finish in the points in his first five races, and he gone under the radar and that’s a good sign.”

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