Lil Nas X Says Quarantine Has Been the ”Best Thing” For His Music – E! Online

Lil Nas X Says Quarantine Has Been the ''Best Thing'' For His Music - E! Online

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Part of that work consists of partnering with designer Christian Cowan for a unisex read-to-wear collection that advantages Atlanta’s Black queer neighborhood.

Although he’s got those stetson from Gucci, as his hit tune goes, the 21-year-old admitted that a style icon “was definitely last on my list of things I would probably be when I got older.” Yet, he eliminated it on the 2020 Grammy Awards red carpet in a hot pink Versace cowboy clothing.

During the interview, the artist gushed over Cowan, who is likewise preferred by Lady Gaga and Cardi B. Lil Nas X stated, “Christian, he’s always been for the community. He’s excellent at what he does and he’s a friend of mine, too.”

The British designer, who rocked gold shine makeup while talking with Rassi, stated quarantine is definitely affecting his styles this season, as he turns towards the brilliant and vibrant. “I feel like people need to be cheered up,” Cowan stated. “I need like glitter and sparkle. I want to cheer people up. As a brand, this lockdown’s actually been amazing for us. We’ve been able to focus on so many projects.”