Lioness at Oklahoma City Zoo grows mane, stuns her keepers


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Bridget, an 18-year-old African lioness at Oklahoma Metropolis Zoo, has surprised her keepers by rising a mane.

In a weblog submit, zoo officers defined that Bridget has sprouted a “mini-mane.” Science Alert reviews that the mane grew between March and November 2017.

Male lions develop manes when they’re about one 12 months previous, because of elevated testosterone manufacturing. Lionesses rising manes, nevertheless, is extraordinarily uncommon.


Consultants are actually attempting to determine how Bridget grew her mane. Workers at Oklahoma Metropolis Zoo not too long ago obtained a blood pattern from the lioness’ tail, which is being analyzed.

“Other than a pure genetic part, one other potential situation inflicting the mane progress may very well be a benign tumor situated on her adrenal or pituitary gland as these regulate hormones like testosterone,” the zoo defined within the submit. 

Veterinary workers will proceed to observe Bridget, however say that the weird situation is unlikely to have an effect on the animal’s high quality of life. Apart from the mane, no change has been seen in Bridget’s total well being.

Though lionesses with manes are uncommon, they aren’t remarkable. In 2011, Emma, a 13-year-old lioness on the Nationwide Zoo in South Africa grew a mane, which was related in size to that of a younger male lion. Blood assessments revealed that Emma had elevated ranges of testosterone, so veterinarians eliminated her ovaries, which they believed was inflicting the problem.


Scientists had been shocked to search out that the ovaries contained cells which are usually solely seen within the testicles of male lions. After her ovaries had been eliminated, Emma steadily misplaced her mane.

5 wild lionesses with manes had been additionally noticed in Botswana in 2014. Along with their manes, the animals had been additionally displaying conduct typical of male lions — one lioness was trying to mount different females, in accordance with New Scientist.

“As a result of these lions got here from the identical delight and developed the manes at a younger age, researchers consider a genetic part on this inhabitants resulted on this attribute,” defined the Oklahoma Metropolis Zoo in its submit.

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