Love Island’s Leslie Says She Left Due to “Illegal” Behavior – E! Online

Love Island’s Leslie Says She Left Due to

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E! News has actually connected to CBS for discuss her departure and has actually not heard back. 

A couple of Insta slides later on, Leslie shared a video of herself smoking a vape pen and stated, “Are y’all catching my draft or nah,” though it wasn’t in reaction to a specific concern.

Additionally, Leslie suggested on Sunday that her exit wasn’t associated with a disease. As fans thought about the reason for her scratchy voice, one asked, “was it a cold?” The Texas native responded, “I lost it from screaming and hyping everybody throughout the obscene races [game].” Another one once again asked how she lost her voice, and she stated she was simply “really excited lol, tons of yelling and I honestly never stop talking soooo.” 

She likewise admitted she does not hold ill will towards the other islanders. When one fan stated they were anticipating more juicy actions, she acknowledged that it may have appeared like “I’m drama” however “that’s just not my vibe.” As she discussed, “It may look fake, but I honestly had the time of my life and have no ill will towards a single person in the villa. No reason to run around making anyone’s life any harder, it’s all love here baby.” 

The social networks influencer included that she has “never fought” with fellow islander Shannon St. Claire and has “MAJOR respect and love for her.” 

Love Island U.S.A. airs nearly nighttime on CBS at 9 p.m., with extra minutes on Paramount+.