Lyft is cultivating a sexual attack ‘epidemic,’ victims state

Lyft is fostering a sexual assault 'epidemic,' victims say

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Late on a Monday night in May, Cheyenne Gutierrez understood she required to stockpile on groceries for the week. She strolled the couple of blocks to her regional grocery store in Hollywood, California, got some food and after that bought a Lyft house. The motorist, a middle-aged guy with a thick mustache, appeared good enough. He even provided to assist bring her groceries to your home.

As they unloaded the cars and truck, Gutierrez asked the motorist to drop the bags at her gate while she brought them the remainder of the method to her front door. When she wasn’t looking and her hands were complete, he followed her. 

Gutierrez, 23, counts on ride-hailing services to do her errands and get to work. That’s since she’s handicapped and can’t drive. When she was 12, she suffered a brain aneurysm, and more than a lots surgical treatments followed. As an outcome, she lost sensation in her left leg and strolls with an extreme limp. She thinks that’s why the Lyft motorist attempted to sexually attack her.

“I can’t run,” she stated in an interview. “He probably thought I couldn’t fight back.”

He got her face and attempted to kiss her, she stated. She pushed him with her elbow and a battle occurred. Gutierrez handled to knee him in the stomach, press him away and yell “get out.” Finally, he ran.

What took place to Gutierrez is far from separated. The variety of females declaring sexual attack by Lyft motorists has actually been proliferating over the last numerous months. At least 34 females have actually either submitted or signed up with claims versus the ride-hailing business considering that August. The victims’ legal representatives state Lyft hasn’t done enough to secure riders from sexual attack, kidnapping and rape. And these matches declare that criminals are drawn to Lyft to take advantage of susceptible females.

After Uber, Lyft is the 2nd biggest ride-hailing service in the nation. The 7-year-old business states it has more than 2 million motorists and 30 million riders throughout the United States and Canada. With operations in all 50 states, it collaborates countless trips every day. 

Neither Lyft nor Uber have actually launched information on the number of attacks are connected to their motorists, and they have actually decreased to state the number of sexual attack claims have actually been submitted versus them. But according to legal representatives representing victims, the numbers are high. 

“If the general public understood the number of females are attacked day-to-day [by ride-hail drivers] they would be flabbergasted,” stated Michael Bomberger, a legal representative at Estey Bomberger, which is representing Gutierrez. “These companies have fostered an environment to let these things happen.”

Bomberger stated he gets at least 3 calls a day from females who state they were attacked by ride-hail motorists. He’s taking legal action against Lyft on behalf of 14 females. Another attorney who has actually submitted 19 matches versus Lyft, Rachel Abrams of Levin Simes Abrams, stated her company is now representing more than 70 females who state they have actually been sexually attacked by Lyft motorists. The bulk of these declared attacks happened within the last 2 years and consist of whatever from kidnapping and battery to sodomy and gang rape.

Both Abrams and Bomberger stated they get as lots of, if not more, calls about females presumably assaulted by Uber motorists. But, they stated, Uber has a much better record of dealing with the victims. 

Lyft, on the other hand, has actually imitated a bully in the majority of these cases, they stated.

“The attitude of Lyft and the attorneys that they’ve hired to work on their behalf has been very aggressive and, in my opinion, bush league tactics,” Bomberger stated. “They came at us like they’re an 800-pound gorilla and they’re gonna smash us.”

The claims, which cover events in 19 US states, raise a series of problems victims state they have actually experienced with Lyft. While the business promotes itself as offering “safe rides,” the suits claim Lyft does second-rate background look at motorists and frequently does not deactivate them from the platform after sexual attack claims. The claims likewise declare that Lyft tends to stonewall victims — disregarding, dismissing or minimizing their claims.

The night Gutierrez was assaulted, she called Lyft right away. A business agent informed her the motorist’s habits was “highly unacceptable” which they’d “fire him instantly,” she remembers.

But, she stated, she’s been not able to get a reaction from Lyft since. When she submitted an authorities report, she could not get any info from Lyft about the motorist. Gutierrez stated whenever she called the business, she was put on long holds and agents weren’t handy. And, she stated, Lyft would not verify whether the motorist still worked for the business. When CNET inquired about her case, a Lyft spokesperson stated the motorist was completely prohibited after Gutierrez reported the occurrence.

“Not a day goes by when we aren’t thinking about the safety of our platform,” the Lyft spokesperson stated. “We continuously invest in new products, policies and features to further strengthen Lyft as we strive to keep drivers and riders safe.” 

Gutierrez, Bomberger and Abrams argue, nevertheless, that Lyft hasn’t done enough.

“We need systemic change,” Abrams stated. “We can have this not be an epidemic. We can have this not be happening every day to another woman.”

‘There’s no absolutely no tolerance’

In the fall of 2017, Alison Turkos bought a Lyft flight to her house in Brooklyn after a night out with good friends. Instead of heading to her location 3 miles away, the motorist pointed a weapon at her head and drove her throughout state lines to New Jersey, according to court files. 

The motorist then apparently stopped at a deserted park where other guys were waiting. At least 2 guys raped Turkos, 31, in the back of the cars and truck that night, according to court files. She stated she experienced serious discomfort and bleeding from the attack. She reported what took place to the New York Police Department and a rape set was done. It discovered proof of semen from a minimum of 2 guys.

The cops opened an examination into the occurrence, which was then moved to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI is apparently examining this supposed attack as a human trafficking case, according to court files. The FBI decreased to comment.

Turkos, who’s being represented by Abrams, stated she likewise reported the supposed kidnapping and rape to Lyft within 24 hours of the occurrence. She composed a post detailing her experience, stating the business responded with a boilerplate action: “We apologize for the inconvenience that you’ve been through.”

According to Turkos, Lyft stated it would compensate her for the detour the motorist took which she would not be coupled with him once again. She still needed to pay $12.81 for the initial flight. Turkos stated she thinks Lyft didn’t right away take the motorist off its platform. That’s since she saw he still had an active profile on the app, with a various name and photo, numerous months after the occurrence. Lyft’s spokesperson stated the motorist has actually been completely prohibited, however would not state when that took place.

“Lyft was placed on notification that [the] Lyft motorist was an unsafe, armed, sexual predator,” checks out Turkos’ suit. “Yet it nevertheless permitted [the] Lyft motorist to continue driving for Lyft, even enabling him to alter his name on the app, threatening numerous other guests who take Lyft with the expectation of a safe flight house.”

This isn’t the very first time Lyft has actually been blamed for enabling a motorist to remain on its platform after a sexual attack grievance. Abrams stated she’s even had actually customers matched with the exact same motorist after reporting an occurrence.

“There’s no zero tolerance as you would hope,” Abrams stated. “It points to a lack of the necessary procedures in place from start to finish.”

When inquired about Lyft’s policy on shutting off motorists after sexual attack claims, the business spokesperson stated Lyft does not endure harassment or violence on its platform and such habits can result in deactivations.

One of the factors troublesome motorists might wind up on Lyft, the legal representatives stated, is since the business declines to utilize FBI finger print background checks. Instead, Lyft counts on name-based background checks by a third-party service called Checkr that do not consist of in person interviews. Uber utilizes the exact same service. Most taxi business utilize FBI finger print checks, which security specialists state have more extensive database searches and make it tough for motorists to utilize incorrect recognition. 

Lyft stated Checkr’s background checks are more comprehensive than the FBI’s since in some cases fingerprinting misses out on individuals who have actually been detained however not yet scanned. Both Uber and Lyft have actually likewise stated in the past that fingerprinting is more costly and takes longer, which can decrease the motorist signup procedure. The expense for Checkr is in between $5 and $20 and can be done within a matter of days, whereas FBI finger print checks can run around $50 and use up to a month. 

Many Uber and Lyft motorists with sexual attack claims have tidy background checks, according to the business. But there have actually been numerous motorists with rap sheets who passed Checkr’s evaluations. Colorado regulators discovered in 2017 that 57 Uber motorists in the state had criminal or automobile offenses. And last month, regulators in Portland, Oregon, discovered 168 Uber and Lyft motorists with offenses. Two of those Lyft motorists were founded guilty felons, with one founded guilty for sexual attack. 

A Checkr spokesperson acknowledged that “no background check is perfect,” however stated the business databases and regional court houses it searches are total and approximately date. She likewise stated the business follows all laws to guarantee its screenings “are as thorough, accurate, and compliant as possible.”

Six days after Bomberger submitted his suit versus Lyft last month, John Zimmer, the ride-hailing business’s president, released a post entitled “Reinforcing our commitment to safety.”

In it, he detailed numerous brand-new security functions Lyft presented this year, consisting of constant background checks and an emergency situation 911 button in the app. Additionally, beginning at the end of this month, all motorists will need to finish a “community safety education” course. The Lyft spokesperson stated it’s developed to teach motorists how to check out other individuals’s limits.

Uber has actually included those exact same security functions and more to its app over the previous year. Uber’s additional preventative measures consist of: RideCheck, which sends out a push alert to motorists and riders if there’s an unanticipated long stop along the method; on-trip reporting, which lets riders report an occurrence prior to the journey has actually ended; and a text-to-911 function that consists of area info and the cars and truck’s make, design and license plate.

One method Lyft assists riders find their proper motorist is by matching the color on riders’ apps with the color on motorists’ control panel display screens. 


Several of Uber’s brand-new security statements came one day after The Washington Post released a Sept. 26 report explaining how the business’s “special investigations unit” presumably mishandles events of rape, kidnapping and attack by its motorists. The story stated that, like Lyft, Uber frequently keeps motorists on its platform after such claims. Uber informed CNET that its group deals with a large spectrum of events which there’s no “one size fits all” method. It stated that it examines each case separately which severe events, like sexual attack, can call for motorist deactivations.

Uber’s and Lyft’s brand-new in-app security functions are seen by lots of as an action in the best instructions. But, victims state, they do not keep predators off these platforms and they do not assist when riders are asleep, drunk or can’t get to their phones. 

United States Sen. Richard Blumenthal, a Democrat from Connecticut, composed letters to Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi and Lyft CEO Logan Green on Sept. 25 resolving the “deeply disturbing reports of sexual assault and harassment.” He contacted the nation’s biggest ride-hailing business to dedicate to finger print background look for motorists and to be transparent in how they examine sexual attack claims. Both Uber and Lyft stated they’ll react to the senator by the end of the month.

“I also hope that it does not take another rash of lawsuits and media investigations for you to take affirmative steps to ensure rider safety,” Blumenthal composed in his letter to Lyft. 

Going dark

In July, a silver Mitsubishi Lancer with a Lyft sticker label on its windscreen pulled into an empty parking area in front of an apartment building in Coral Springs, Florida. It was 5: 35 a.m. on a Saturday. After sitting for numerous seconds, the motorist went out, opened the back entrance and moved into the rear seats. An intoxicated 22-year-old female was half asleep there. He got on top of her. 

The female had actually been on a double date previously that night, which ended in bar hopping. She’d had 6 or 7 beverages, so her date bought her a Lyft house. He strolled her to the cars and truck and apparently informed the ride-hail motorist to make certain she got house securely.

The opposite took place.

A monitoring electronic camera attached to the apartment building’s wall mainly recorded what took place in the rear seat of the Mitsubishi, according to the Coral Springs Police Department. The female’s name hasn’t been launched to the general public. But the cops situated the motorist in September and detained him on a charge of tried sexual battery, according to an arrest warrant. 

“This detective believes that the defendant’s pattern of behavior establishes that he is predatory in nature towards younger females and utilizing his position as a ride-share driver to obtain victims,” checks out the arrest warrant.

The female had the ability to leave the car, according to cops, however not prior to the Lyft motorist took down his shorts, exposed himself and got at her genital areas.

The investigator on the case had the ability to piece the story together utilizing the electronic camera video, declarations from the female and her date, and info from Lyft after he served the ride-hailing business with a subpoena. The Lyft spokesperson stated the motorist has actually considering that been prohibited from the platform.

Lyft stated it dealt with the cops on this occurrence. But Bomberger and Abrams stated that’s not constantly the case. With most of their customers, they stated, the business has actually postponed and limited correspondence with cops up until a subpoena or court order is released.

Additionally, both Lyft and Uber do not immediately report all sexual attack claims they get to the cops. They likewise do not share those claims with each other (although Uber stated it’d be helpful of such a policy). Bomberger stated sharing this info with each other and with the cops might prevent predators from utilizing the platforms to discover victims.

“There’s a reason why there’s mandatory reporting for sexual assaults,” Bomberger stated. “Because it works.”

Since Uber and Lyft have not launched information on the number of attacks occur with their motorists, it’s difficult to understand the complete scope of the issue.

In May 2018, a CNN examination discovered more than 120 Uber and Lyft motorists presumably sexually attacked guests. Afterward, both business revealed that they’d release “safety transparency reports,” which would consist of information on supposed attacks. But 17 months later on, neither business has actually supplied these numbers. Uber stated it’s still dedicated to releasing the information however has no set release date. Lyft decreased to talk about its report.

Bomberger and Abrams stated this info is essential for comprehending how to prevent additional events. An objective of their claims is to get Uber and Lyft to do more to avoidattacks. Their tips consist of necessary finger print background checks, in person interviews with motorists and control panel video cameras to tape every flight. They likewise stated it’s vital to have a zero-tolerance policy for sexual misbehavior.

As for Gutierrez, she stated she still resides in worry.

She stopped utilizing Lyft because that occurrence however still utilizes Uber since it’s practically her only alternative for navigating. Neither business lets guests ask for a female motorist, so whenever Gutierrez is matched with a male motorist she normally cancels the flight up until she gets a woman. One factor for this is since she does not understand if the guy who presumably assaulted her likewise drives for Uber.

“To this day, no one except for Lyft knows who he is,” Gutierrez stated. “I want him off the streets, because he could do this to other women.”

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