Maid of honor claims nearly 100 goldfish died after ‘crappy’ bride insisted on giving them as wedding favors


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Nothing says wedding ceremony like a bag of goldfish to take residence.

A maid of honor shared an alleged occasion on Reddit’s Bridezilla discussion board that each ended a friendship and killed practically 100 fish within the course of.

The nameless girl, who describes herself solely as the MOH (maid of honor), shared an outrageous account of the marriage of her “(then) finest good friend” that allegedly concerned utilizing “residing creatures as wedding ceremony favors.”


“You see, ex-friend was an animal lover. On and off once more vegetarian/vegan, PETA supporter, and many others. She was particularly keen on fish. With that in thoughts, how cute would it not be to have a pair of goldfish in a globe as a centerpiece? Actual, dwell goldfish – a pair of them (to signify the couple, see?) – on every desk, all 40 of them,” the MOH wrote on Reddit.

Although the MOH claims she raised “a number of objections,” the bride was insistent on having the fish on the ceremony.

“M[OH]: ‘What occurs to the fish after the ceremony?’

B[ride]: ‘Oh, the friends can take them residence! They’d be like wedding ceremony favors! Keepsakes!’

M: ‘However not everybody goes to wish to take residence a brand new pet from a marriage. Individuals have a tendency to love having a say in what pets they wish to care for.’”

The MOH claims she raised the query of the fish being “wired” from the chaos of the marriage, however the bride insisted “it wouldn’t even matter.”

“B: ‘Those within the tank at Wal-Mart do not appear to thoughts individuals strolling by them on a regular basis.’

M: ‘Yeah, talking of those within the tank at Wal-Mart… there’s all the time a good few of them floating on the prime. What if you happen to get floaters in the course of the reception? I imply, it is not an appetizing sight for the individuals consuming their dinners. Apart from, it would not make for one of the best illustration of your relationship. There’s a variety of… not good… symbolism there.’”


Regardless of the hesitation raised, the bride reportedly determined to go forward with the fish favors and assigned the MOH to “floater obligation” to take away the lifeless floating fish from the luggage and substitute them with others that had been stored within the again.

The bride allegedly bought practically 100 goldfish at three cents apiece for the 40 centerpieces. When the marriage was over, although, not one of many friends took residence the goldfish, the MOH claimed within the publish.

“It could not have helped that the bride did not assume to offer containers for them. So, will the bride and groom be adopting these eighty goldfish plus about ten ‘spare’ nonetheless within the again swimming round within the large bag from the pet retailer? Alas, they cannot! They’re headed off on their honeymoon,” she wrote.

The lady claims she took residence all of the leftover fish, noting that almost all of them died both on the wedding ceremony, throughout transport or by the following day after she transitioned them right into a tank she bought that day.

Nonetheless, there was one which managed to final for 5 years.

“I named it Solar. It lingered far longer than my friendship with the bride, and much far longer than her marriage,” the MOH wrote.


The MOH’s rant was met with anger on Reddit.

“Urgh, that is horrible! She’s undoubtedly not an animal lover. Animals are usually not decorations!” one individual wrote.

“As a goldfish lover this infuriates me. They solely dwell quick quantities of time due to abuse. They’re alleged to dwell 20 ish years and develop to a minimum of 1 to 2 ft lengthy,” one other wrote.

“What a monster,” one individual succinctly commented.

Although the MOH didn’t say how way back the marriage was, she didn’t appear to be upset over the lack of friendship, calling the bride “form of a crappy individual,” in a remark.

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