Malaysian Father Warns Others After His Baby Died from Being Held & Kissed By Many People


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Infants are cute and cuddly, however should you’re feeling unwell or sick, just be sure you don’t have any bodily contact with these little ones as their immune programs are nonetheless creating. A netizen not too long ago shared his unhappy story about dropping his child on account of germs and micro organism unfold by adults who had held and kissed his son.

Malaysian Father Shares How His Baby Sadly Died After Being Held & Kissed By Many People - WORLD OF BUZZ

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Based on a post by Viral Media Johor, the man is seen holding a newborn baby, and he explains that this is his late son, who had passed away during the second day of Hari Raya last year.

“Why did my son die? Because of germs. There were lots of people who hugged and kissed my son.”

It appears that he was rather reluctant to allow his son to be held by so many people, but some of them said that he should proudly show off his newborn son. Although some germs or bacteria may not harm a fully-grown adult, these can be fatal to babies as their immune systems are not fully developed yet.

“Just let them criticise you for not showing your baby around, don’t be stupid like me because the most important thing is that your child is healthy. So, if people want to hug or kiss my child nowadays, I would just ask them, ‘Can you replace my child if something happens due to your physical contact with them?’”

Malaysian Father Shares How His Baby Sadly Died After Being Held & Kissed By Many People - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

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He ends the post with a warning to other parents, asking them to be more careful when allowing people to handle their kids especially as the festive season is arriving soon. He said this year will be his first Hari Raya celebration without his son and was deeply saddened by the memories.

Many netizens also agreed with his views and said that they discourage other people from holding their baby. Especially if they had recently smoked! They said that personal hygiene when handling a baby is important as well to prevent the child from falling sick.

This is not the first time something like this has happened so please do make sure that you don’t simply handle babies if you’re feeling sick!


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