Man Gets 3 Fingers Sliced Off While Flying His Kite in Extremely Windy Weather


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Kite-flying could be a nice pastime for the household however do watch out if you’re planning to take action as a result of it might probably truly be harmful! Two middle-aged males within the Jiangsu metropolis of Nantong lately suffered extreme accidents after they went out to fly a kite and virtually misplaced their fingers.

Man Flying Kite Gets 3 Fingers Shockingly Sliced Off When He Wanted to Reel It Back In - WORLD OF BUZZ

Supply: Pear Video

Based on a recent report by Shanghaiist, the incident happened on April 9 when both of them went out to fly their kites but when they noticed that a storm was approaching, they decided to stop. They started reeling in the string but when a strong gust of wind started blowing, the line got wrapped around their hands.

You would think that this is normal but the string was wrapped so tightly and the wind was blowing so hard that it cut off three fingers from one man and nearly severed the other man’s palm in two. OMG! Blood started to gush profusely from the wounds and they were rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Man Flying Kite Gets 3 Fingers Shockingly Sliced Off When He Wanted to Reel It Back In - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Source: Pear Video

Luckily, the man remembered to pick up his severed fingers so that the doctor could reattach them. Apparently, the pointer, ring and pinky fingers were cut off but the middle finger remained intact. However, the middle finger was only attached by its bones as the kite string had severed the tendons, muscles and nerves.

After 16 hours of grueling surgery, the surgeons were able to reattach the man’s digits and they also managed to sew back the other man’s split-open palm. They are currently on their way to recovery and their condition is stable. Experts say that a kite’s string can be as sharp as a dagger if the conditions are right and advised that gloves should be worn to prevent any unfortunate accidents from happening.

Watch the video here:

Source: Pear Video

Remember to be careful when you’re flying a kite next time!


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