Man Gets Injured After He Bit On Needle-Like Object While Eating McDonald’s Burger



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All of us should admit that burgers are life and many people typically head to quick meals shops to fulfill our burger cravings. Nevertheless, issues have been very totally different for this man in Taiwan after he bought a burger at a McDonald’s outlet and had a nasty shock.

Based on AsiaOne, the customer surnamed Shi actually discovered a long needle-like object embedded in his tongue after taking a few bites of his burger.

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Source: Daily Mail

Shi wrote in a Facebook post stating that he had dropped by at the fast food outlet to order a beef burger to take away, saying,

“Oh my, it’s possible to get injured just from eating McDonald’s.”

It was reported that the sharp object was more than a centimetre long. OMG!

Source: YouTube

Upon discovering the sharp object, Shi immediately headed to the fast food outlet to demand an explanation. In response to this, the fast food outlet said in a statement that the needle-like object was believed to have been dislodged from cleaning equipment that was not authorised for use.

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Source: YouTube

After learning about the man’s unfortunate experience, the manager of the fast food outlet quickly accompanied him to the hospital for a check-up and a tetanus vaccine, as reported in the Daily Mail.

With all that said, let’s take this as a lesson and always be vigilant of whatever we eat! 


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