Man Gets Irritated By Secondhand Smoke in Kopitiam, Buys 30cm Saw & Attacks Smoker


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For non-smokers, getting a whiff of secondhand smoke wafting round you is certainly not a pleasing one. Nevertheless, there’s not many people who would’ve reacted the way in which this man did when he acquired aggravated by people who smoke – by attacking the individual with a 30cm noticed. 

In a espresso store positioned alongside Geylang Lorong 25A in Singapore, a traditional night deteriorated right into a violent, bloody one as two males clashed over a easy cigarette. In line with Oriental Daily, it all started when a 51-year-old bald man covered in tattoos voiced out his dissatisfaction to a smoker sitting nearby. A friend of the bald man, named Tan who had witnessed the whole incident said that there was already some tension between the two men as the smoker had been saying some offensive things prior to that. However, it is unclear what had been said.

“The smoking area is quite narrow, to begin with, and the person sitting at the table next to us kept edging his chair closer to us, making the space even smaller. This resulted in the smoker’s cigarette fumes blowing towards our table, and we got secondhand smoke wafting all over our faces. We tried to tell him to stop, but he ignored us and just kept smoking,” Tan said.

When the bald man attempted to tell the 53-year-old smoker off one more time, this enraged the smoker, who stood up and shouted that this is the smoking area which means they were allowed to smoke there. At this point, the bald man was visibly angry himself, and he left the coffee shop right after that. One would have thought the matter already settled but 10 minutes later, he shockingly re-emerged with a 30cm long saw! Whoa, that escalated quickly. 

51yo Man Attacks Smoker in Kopitiam with 30cm Saw After He Ignores Request to Stop Smoking - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Facebook

In CCTV footage recorded of the event, the bald man whipped out the saw and proceeded to attack the smoker. The smoker was not about to go down without a fight, as he too picked up a beer bottle and launched it at his attacker’s bald head! Guys, is this a Hong Kong mob drama or what…

51yo Man Attacks Smoker in Kopitiam with 30cm Saw After He Ignores Request to Stop Smoking - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Source: Facebook

Thankfully, three other men managed to intervene by holding the bald man down on a table, and called police as well as the ambulance for help. The bald man suffered a cut on his head, while the smoker was inflicted with wounds to his head and ear.  

Police have since begun investigations into the case and arrested the 51-year-old man for possession of a dangerous weapon with intent to cause grievous injury. Both men are being treated in Tan Tock Seng Hospital in Singapore. It has since been learnt that the 53-year-old victim is a Singaporean PR, and works in the construction field.

It never hurts to be considerate but then we shouldn’t overreact on little things like this! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 


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