Man Had to Remove Part of His Intestines Because He Was Constipated for 1 Week


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It’s actually essential to be sure that your bowel actions are stored common in any other case it might be detrimental to your well being. An 80-year-old man in Kaohsiung, Taiwan virtually died as a result of he didn’t defecate for per week, which brought on the faeces in his physique to construct up.

Man Had to Re - WORLD OF BUZZ

Supply: ET Today

Based on a report by ET Today, the man had developed a high fever, was dazed and had fainted before he was brought to the hospital. The doctors performed some tests on him to find out what was the issue and discovered that his intestines were full of faeces.

This caused him to suffer from colitis as his intestines were inflamed and doctors said that this condition could lead to life-threatening conditions such as sepsis or peritonitis if he had not come into the hospital. The man was sent to the operating theatre and the doctor said that when they opened up his abdomen, they found that parts of his intestine had already necrotised and turned black, which means that the tissues there had died.

Man Had to Remove Parts of Intestines Because He Suffered From Constipation for 1 Week - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Apple Daily

The surgeon had no choice but to remove 30cm of his intestines and the old man had to be hospitalised for half a month before he recovered from his ordeal. The doctor said that when the intestines are in healthy condition, they are usually pinkish in colour but one section of the man’s intestines had already turned black due to the faeces that had accumulated over the week.

The doctor advised others not to take constipation lightly as it could be a serious issue and said that drinking 2 litres of water a day can help relieve constipation. He added that eating a proper, balanced diet with high-fibre foods is essential and said that they should seek medical attention if constipation continues.

Remember, always seek for professional medical advice when needed!


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