Man Offers Cigarettes to Cosy Up With Cops, Wrongly Offers The Packet With Drugs Inside


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Lately, an intoxicated man unintentionally incriminated himself after mistakenly providing the cops what he thought was a packet of cigarettes! This amusing incident occurred in Hubei, China on 15 April.

Based on China Press, the suspect, surnamed Tang, made an illegal turn on the road and got into an accident with another car. When the police were dispatched to the scene, Tang tried to cosy up with the cops by offering them a packet of cigarettes. Sadly, he gave them the wrong packet.

Source: China Press

Source: China Press

Apparently, the man looked anxious when offering the ‘gift’ to the police, which was when they began to suspect him of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Their assumption was proven right when they opened the weird-looking cigarette packet, as there was a small packet of drugs inside. Hor kantoi!

He was subsequently brought back to the police station for interrogation. It turned out that he was actually carrying two packets with him, one for cigarettes and another one for the drugs. It is believed that Tang panicked and brought out the wrong packet for the police.

Following that, he was put through a urine test – and the result came back positive. He has since been arrested for further action to be taken.

Well, he certainly reaped what he sowed! Hopefully, he has learnt his lesson after this incident. 


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