Man Shares Scary Experience of 2 Fake Cops Trying to Con Him At Empire Damansara Parking


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Criminals are developing with new methods to trick unsuspecting folks so we’ve got to all the time be alert so as to not fall sufferer to those crooks. In a Facebook post shared by a netizen, he said that he almost got tricked by two men who suddenly approached him at the parking lot of his residence.

The incident took place on Saturday (April 6) around 2.05pm in Empire Damansara Soho’s B3 parking lot. The netizen said that he had just parked his car at his spot and was getting ready to get down when he noticed two men lurking around the elevator. He didn’t think anything of it and went to wait for the lift so that he could go home.

Man Shares Scary Experience of 2 Fake Policemen Trying to Con Him At Empire Damansara Parking - WORLD OF BUZZ

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One of the men came back and waited for the lift together with him and it was at this time that he suddenly asked the netizen about his car number plate. “I was curious and asked him ‘Why?’ so he told me he was a police officer. He asked me to follow him out to the parking lot and I was confused, so both of us went outside where the other man was waiting,” he wrote.

“He flashed his police ID to me but it was so fast that I couldn’t see anything. After that, he asked me for my IC, saying that he had the right to do so as he was a police officer. I refused to do so and said that I wanted to call my lawyer and then we could go over the management office to discuss.”

“The man got more and more agitated when I refused to hand over my IC. Then he told me that he suspected that my car was a clone or stolen vehicle so he needed to check the chassis number. He took his phone and showed me something but again, it was too fast so I couldn’t see anything. He said that he suspected my car was a stolen vehicle and requested that I follow them back to the police station but I insisted on calling my lawyer. He told me there were lots of CCTVs in the parking lot so I shouldn’t be afraid that they were trying to trick me.” Yeah, right!

Man Shares Scary Experience of 2 Fake Policemen Trying to Con Him At Empire Damansara Parking - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Source: Facebook

The netizen said that he felt something was not right then and wanted to escape but the two men were getting more aggressive. One of them had even put his hand inside his pocket and looked like he was going to pull out a weapon when two women came out from the lift lobby and he shouted for help. So scary!

“The two women called for a security guard who was at the other side to come over and asked the men to show their police ID. They flashed it again but no one could see the details properly and when the guard came over, he couldn’t help much either. The men were busy talking to the security guard at that time and I decided to ask the two women to accompany me to the management office to make a report.”

At the management office, they were shocked to discover that not every CCTV in the residence was working. The netizen decided to lodge a police report at the nearest station and was grateful to the two women who had saved him from becoming a victim of the two crooks.

Man Shares Scary Experience of 2 Fake Policemen Trying to Con Him At Empire Damansara Parking - WORLD OF BUZZ 2

Source: Facebook

He advised everyone to be careful at parking lots because you do not know whether there are criminals lurking there just waiting for the right moment to strike. He also said that we should ensure that the CCTVs in the area should be functional otherwise there would be no proof if anything untoward were to happen.

Meanwhile, people who saw his post were tagging their friends and warning them to be careful. His post went viral with over 11,000 shares and more than 800 comments so far.

That’s a really scary incident and who knows what would have happened if the two women had not appeared at that time! Always be careful out there!


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