Man Shows the ‘Correct’ Way of Playing the ‘Corkscrew Climber’ and We’re SHOOK



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Who doesn’t like to go to the playground? It was particularly enjoyable after we had been youngsters and the whole lot on the playground appeared gigantic and magical!

And we’d all the time see this corkscrew climber factor, however after a number of makes an attempt at making an attempt it and failing, we’d simply transfer on to the swings or slides and overlook all about it.

Luckily, a video had surfaced on Facebook, with someone demonstrating the “correct” way to use the equipment.


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We. Are. Shook.

Apparently, you’re supposed to place one leg over the spiral and the other leg below, and he let your body slide down naturally. Although (not gonna lie), it somehow looks like a pole dancing move.

In the video, the voice behind the camera was speaking Japanese. We assume that it’s a Japanese father showing his daughter how to use the equipment. That’s really sweet of him!

And who knew a simple video of a family spending quality time together would spark so many reactions on the internet.

Netizens were taken by surprise about how they’ve mistaken this equipment for a straight up ladder.

They left comments under’s post, exclaiming how their lives had been a lie the entire time!

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Source: Facebook

Some of them, however, paid attention to the cleanliness of the equipment, saying how this method can help to clean the playground for free. Only the real OGs knew how unclean some playgrounds could be!

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Source: Facebook

It’s never too late to learn something new, isn’t it? Whether it is the correct way or not, it’s not really important as long as we have fun.

But all thanks to this dad, we now know an alternate way to use the corkscrew climber!

Remember to demonstrate this to your kid when you visit the playground next time. But if you don’t have kids, we won’t stop you from trying it out yourself.

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