Man Spotted Bathing in Water Tank Allegedly Used By Mamak, M’sians Grossed Out


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That is really disgusting! Just lately, on March eight, a video went viral on social media and netizens were shocked to see what looked like a man bathing or playing in a water tank that was located above a mamak in Pekan Sungai Besi. 

According to Sinar Harian, the short 16-second video was widely circulated online as netizens were grossed out by the unidentified man’s actions – after all, it was believed that the water tank is used by the mamak located below. If that’s true, then it’s really unhygienic! 

M'sians Grossed Out By Man Bathing in Sungai Besi Mamak's Water Tank - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Facebook

Based on the video footage of the incident, the man looks like he is playing with the water in the tank. Apparently, the video was captured by some employees who were working at the opposite building and they saw the astonishing incident when they were taking a smoke break.

The caption said, “It looks like you (the man in the water tank) are having fun inside. Do you think the water tank is a swimming pool? That looks really unsanitary.” Netizens who saw the video were understandably grossed out by the man’s actions.

M'sians Grossed Out By Man Bathing in Sungai Besi Mamak's Rooftop Water Tank - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Facebook

Many of them criticised the man while some of them said that the mamak should investigate the incident to determine whether the water tank was still in use. A few netizens said that the man might have been cleaning or servicing the water tank and some said that the tank may have been connected to the toilet and not used for cooking.

Watch the video here:

Source: Facebook

Hopefully, the mamak can clear up the matter and reassure their customers that the man was not doing anything unsavoury inside the tank!


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