Maren Morris’ Trainer Is Here to Bust You Out of Your Workout Rut – E! Online

Maren Morris' Trainer Is Here to Bust You Out of Your Workout Rut - E! Online

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Much like with all of her customers, “I want her to try to enjoy the journey and not stress over it,” she describes of the brand-new mama to 9-month-old boy Hayes, who stands out at push-ups and leg day. “Because stress, for one, adds weight to you, and it doesn’t help the situation at all. She’s staying consistent and it’s paying off.”

That’s why Erin’s diet plan guidance is even more relatable than you may get out of somebody whose abs you can count. Though she advises conserving starches for earlier in the day so your body can burn them off instead of keep them, the rest is a quite mild push to attempt to consume tidy most of the time. 

“My goal with my clients, I tell them, ‘Look, go enjoy it,'” she discussed “Life is about living a healthy balanced lifestyle and that’s occasionally overindulging. You know what? The world didn’t end if you ate a big fat cheeseburger and a bunch of fries and a milkshake. You don’t need to go take a cleanse. You don’t have to starve yourself. It’s okay to get right back on track.” 

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