Margaret Cho Details Discrimination She’s Faced as a Queer Asian Woman

Margaret Cho Details Discrimination She's Faced as a Queer Asian Woman

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E! News: What does Pride Month indicate to you?

Margaret Cho: It’s not actually practically one month of a year or one parade. I believe that more than ever we need to commemorate ourselves and want to securing our rights– whether that’s securing trans kids, trans legislation or increasing our own exposure throughout the media. It’s actually about making certain we preserve and advance our own rights and capabilities to continue to exist and to flourish.

E!: Your episode of The Book of Queer looks into queer renaissances through history. What renaissance are we in now?

MC: I believe we remain in a renaissance of funny. We have a lot of amazing comical minds out there working today– whether that’s Joel Kim Booster, Bowen Yang, Wanda Sykes, Billy Eichner, Bob the Drag Queen or Eddie Izzard Queer funny is actually cutting edge, so queer voices are actually front and center.

E!: What do you hope individuals eliminate from this series?

MC: I hope that they actually discover a lot about the history of our contributions to society as queer individuals, as actually developmental members of society in science, art and home entertainment. That we have actually been producing culture considering that we have actually been around and will continue to.

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