Mars may have significant amounts of water underneath the surface


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In 2018, scientists made the unbelievable discovery that that they had discovered a “steady physique of liquid water” on Mars. A brand new examine takes that one step additional and means that the water considered liable for darkish streaks on the Pink Planet could also be coming from effectively under the floor.

The brand new examine, revealed in Nature Geoscience, means that the recurring slope lineae (RSL) could have a “deep underground origin” and never flows of water both on or simply beneath the floor, as beforehand thought.

“We recommend that this will not be true,” the examine’s co-author, Essam Heggy, stated in a press release. “We suggest an alternate speculation that they originate from a deep pressurized groundwater supply which involves the floor transferring upward alongside floor cracks.”


The examine’s lead creator, Abotalib Abotalib, added that by finding out the deserts on Earth, the researchers have been in a position to counsel the identical is true for our celestial neighbor.

“The expertise we gained from our analysis in desert hydrology was the cornerstone in reaching this conclusion,” Abotalib added within the assertion. “We’ve seen the identical mechanisms within the North African Sahara and within the Arabian Peninsula, and it helped us discover the identical mechanism on Mars.”

“Spatial correlation between recurring slope lineae supply areas and multi-scale fractures (comparable to joints and faults) within the southern mid-latitudes and in Valles Marineris means that recurring slope lineae ideally emanate from tectonic and impact-related fractures,” the researchers wrote within the examine’s summary. “We recommend that deep groundwater often surfaces on Mars in present-day situations.”

The researchers have been in a position to have a look at imagery from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, which discovered the RSL eight years in the past. From there, they checked out three particular craters and streaks within the Valles Marineris advanced and located a correlation between the RSL and faults, in keeping with

The depths of the underground water might be vital, almost half-a-mile (2,460 ft) deep, in keeping with Heggy. “Such depth requires us to contemplate extra deep-probing strategies to search for the supply of this groundwater versus searching for shallow sources of water, ” he added within the assertion.


If the water is as deep as Heggy and Abotalib imagine, that might point out extra similarities between Mars and Earth, with Heggy going as far as to say it’d counsel “they’ve the same evolution, to some extent.”

The researchers imagine that if they can perceive how the groundwater fashioned on Mars, its exact location and the way it strikes, it might assist us additional perceive our personal planet and if we’re present process the identical adjustments to the local weather that Mars skilled over the previous three billion years

“Understanding Mars’ evolution is essential for understanding our personal Earth’s long-term evolution and groundwater is a key component on this course of,” Heggy stated.


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