Meet Spike Lee’s Kids Satchel & Jackson, 2021 Golden Globe Ambassadors – E! Online

Meet Spike Lee's Kids Satchel & Jackson, 2021 Golden Globe Ambassadors - E! Online

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If Satchel Lee was a Real Housewife, her tagline would be, “I’m a fashionable hottie with a smart mouth and a generous heart.” No, truly, she stated so herself. 

While we deal with getting the increasing star her own Bravo program, she’ll need to opt for being a Golden Globes ambassador in the meantime. 

That’s right: Spike Lee‘s kids, 26-year-old Satchel and 23-year-old Jackson, were called the 2021 Golden Globe Ambassadors. They are anticipated to assist present awards throughout the Globes event on Sunday, Feb. 28. 

As a part of their functions, the brother or sisters each picked a charity company to get a $25,000 grant from the HFPA. Satchel, the very first freely queer ambassador, partnered with New York’s Callen-Lorde Community Health Center. On the other hand, Jackson, who is the very first Black male ambassador, picked Big Brothers Big Sisters. 

So what else exists to learn about the Lee kids? 

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