Mega-shark teeth dating back 25 million years discovered at Australian beach


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An Australian instructor and fossil fanatic stumbled upon the discovering of a lifetime when he uncovered a set of fossilized Three-inch tooth from an extinct shark, often known as the nice jagged narrow-toothed shark or Carcharocles angustidens.

Phillip Mullaly stated that he could not imagine what he noticed, as he walked alongside Jan Juc, a seaside city and well-known fossil web site alongside Victoria’s Surf Coast in Australia.


“I used to be strolling alongside the seaside searching for fossils, turned and noticed this shining glint in a boulder and noticed 1 / 4 of the tooth uncovered,” Mullaly stated in a press release. “I used to be instantly excited, it was simply good and I knew it was an essential discover that wanted to be shared with folks.”

The tooth, which measure 7 centimeters (2.7 inches) lengthy, belong to one of many largest ocean predators to ever dwell. Nice Jagged Slim-Toothed sharks grew as much as and surpassed 30 ft in size, roaming the traditional seas.

Discovering tooth are essential for understanding how historical sharks lived, as the vast majority of their our bodies are made up of cartilage, which not like bones, doesn’t fossilize.

By comparability, nice whites have been recognized to develop as much as 20 ft in size, together with the shark often known as “Deep Blue,” the most important nice white ever caught on digital camera.


The megalodon, of which the Nice Jagged Slim-Toothed shark is a cousin, is often accepted to have reached 60 ft in size. Nevertheless, some scientists have theorized it might have been 80 ft lengthy.

The megalodon, which went extinct 2.6 million years in the past, is being featured within the new film “The Meg,” starring Jason Statham.

Nice Jagged Slim-Toothed sharks had been the highest predators of their time, having lived roughly 25 million years in the past. They feasted on historical whales, amongst different sea creatures.

Mullaly’s discover is very uncommon, as most shark fossils include a single tooth, largely as a consequence of sharks consistently shedding tooth all through their lifetime. From Dec. 2017 to Jan. 2018, Mullaly and a staff from Musuems Victoria uncovered greater than 40 tooth in complete, with many belonging to the Nice Jagged Slim-Toothed shark.

The opposite tooth that had been discovered belong to a wide range of different sharks, together with sixgill sharks, that are nonetheless alive right this moment.


“I used to be in a little bit of shock usually because I noticed it and I assumed that is wanting prefer it’s full, prefer it’s simply fallen out of a shark’s mouth though it’s 25 million years previous,” Mullaly stated in keeping with Yahoo 7 Information.

“These tooth are of worldwide significance, as they symbolize one in all simply three related groupings of Carcharocles angustidens tooth on this planet, and the very first set to ever be found in Australia,” Dr. Erich Fitzgerald, Senior Curator of Vertebrate Palaeontology at Museums Victoria stated in a press release.

The tooth have been donated to the Melbourne Museum, the place they’re at the moment on show till October 7.

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