Megalodon may have gone extinct for this shocking reason


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The megalodon might have been the biggest marine predator to ever stay, rising as much as 60 ft with enamel almost the scale of an ordinary sheet of paper. However, much more gorgeous, a brand new examine suggests it succumbed to at least one foe that prompted it to go extinct — itself.

New analysis offered at Monday’s annual assembly of the American Geophysical Union means that, particularly, the enormous shark’s physique temperature might have been the wrongdoer. This comes as a shock as modern-day sharks can self-regulate their physique warmth and adapt to their environments.

Preliminary checks involving clumped isotope measurements utilizing megalodon enamel and enamel of modern-day sharks means that megalodons “maintained the next physique temperature” when in comparison with nice white sharks.


“Whereas nonetheless preliminary, these outcomes might present clues as to what might have led to the demise of O. megalodon through the Pliocene,” an summary of the analysis reads. “For instance, one speculation is that O. megalodon consumed giant portions of prey with a view to preserve such a excessive physique temperature.”

The summary continues: “Nevertheless, cooling of ocean temperatures through the Pliocene would have constrained the species to decrease latitudes the place ocean temperatures had been hotter, while its most well-liked prey (e.g., whales) advanced traits to adapt to cooler temperatures of the upper latitudes. Due to this fact, giant climatic shifts mixed with evolutionary limitations might present the ‘smoking gun’ for the extinction of the biggest shark species to ever roam the planet.”

Scientifically referred to as Otodus megalodon, the biggest megalodon tooth ever discovered was barely greater than 7 inches in size.

Talking with LiveScience, researcher Michael Griffiths, one of many authors of the paper, stated that megalodons might have had physique temperatures as excessive as 95 to 104 levels Fahrenheit. By comparability, ancestors of modern-day mako and nice white sharks had temperatures starting from 68 to 86 levels Fahrenheit.


Along with reaching as much as 60 ft, megalodons are thought to have weighed roughly 120,000 kilos or 60 tons. The species is usually thought to have gone extinct 2.6 million years in the past.

The researchers acknowledged that there “is little settlement as to the first trigger for O. megalodon’s disappearance,” however added that both the shortage of meals or the “environmental change influenced its extinction.”

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