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Meghan King Says She Was

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New face, who dis?

One month after going through nose surgery, Meghan King required to social networks admitting that she wasn’t at first offered on her outcomes.

OnSept 30, the previous Real Housewives of Orange County star shared a throwback video on her Instagram Stories of her going through a post-op examination, offering fans a look into her surgical experience. In the clip, shot 7 days after her nose surgery, Meghan gets a plaster removed her nose– what she called the “big reveal”– and sees her brand-new face for the very first time.

In a follow-up video, Meghan, 38, confessed she was at first “stunned” by what she saw, stating she believed her nose looked broader than it was prior to the treatment. “I wasn’t prepared for how much swelling there would be,” she stated. “I had a vasovagal reaction. I puked. I was completely horrified.”

However, later on that day, the swelling decreased and Meghan stated she was “blown away by the difference after just a few hours.”

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