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Prince Harry Shares His Fears for Son Archie's Future in Heartfelt Message

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have actually decreased their hectic schedules due to the coronavirus pandemic, providing more time for household. 

In a video discussion with Nobel Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai for International Day of the Girl, the moms and dads opened about how quarantine has actually impacted their individual lives. 

“We’ve been working really, really hard and completely understand and get how challenging this is for absolutely everyone. The longer it goes on the more it’s going to be felt especially from a mental health aspect,” the Duke of Sussex discussed in the interview, which he and Meghan recorded practically with Malala from their house in Santa Barbara. “This is a really unifying moment to bring everyone together and acknowledge what everyone has been through, this traumatic experience, wherever you are in the world.”

One advantage to the remain at house orders is that the couple has actually had the ability to witness a few of their boy Archie Harrison‘s turning points. 

As Harry discussed, “We were both there for Archie’s first steps, his first run, his first fall, everything.”

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