Men & Women Working in These Professions Are More Likely to Cheat, Study Says


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Falling out of affection and the shortage of emotional help from one’s accomplice are simply a number of the the explanation why folks would cheat on their spouses. Nonetheless, a latest examine indicated that individuals who work in sure industries have the next tendency to be untrue.

This study was done by Ashley Madison, the world’s leading dating website which caters to married individuals who want to seek love outside of their marriages. In this study, over 1,000 members of the website took part in filling up the survey which revealed some pretty insightful outcome.

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The study observed that men and women who work in certain industries have higher chances of finding someone else. For instance, most of the male cheaters on the website are working in the trading industry, which makes up 20 per cent. According to the website’s director of communication, Isabella Mise, tradies don’t have fixed working hours, which makes it easy for them to have an affair. 

“Jobs in trades often mean irregular hours and are often structured in shift work meaning it’s easier for men to fly under the radar when it comes to sneaking around with an affair partner,” Mise said. 

Meanwhile, entrepreneurs came in the third spot with 11 per cent and it was said that they “are likely to take charge of their sex life the way they do their business.”

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On the other hand, 23 per cent of the female members work in the medical field such as doctors and nurses. 

“A combination of long hours of potential stress mixed with a natural reaction to stress just might be the reason these women in the medical profession seek out an affair,” Mise said. 

Below are the full lists for both men and women.


  1. Trades – 29%
  2. Information Technology – 12%
  3. Entrepreneur – 11%
  4. Retail / Hospitality – 8%
  5. Finance – 8%
  6. Marketing – Communications – 6%
  7. Medical – 5%
  8. Legal – 4%
  9. Education – 4%
  10. Arts/ Entertainment – 3%
  11. Agriculture – 3%
  12. Social Work – 2%


  1. Medical – 23%
  2. Education – 12%
  3. Entrepreneur – 11%
  4. Finance – 9%
  5. Social work – 9%
  6. Retail / Hospitality – 9%
  7. Information Technology – 8%
  8. Marketing Communications – 4%
  9. Trades – 4%
  10. Legal – 4%
  11. Arts/ Entertainment – 4%
  12. Politics – 1%

Perhaps it’s worth mentioning that entrepreneurship is the common profession that appeared to be one of the top three choices for both genders. Does it mean anything? We’ll let you be the judge. 

Do you think extramarital affairs can be justified with the reasons mentioned above? Let us know what you think in the comments! 


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