Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2017: Why we will all be buying resort wear


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Holiday me is different to regular me. I know this because I’ve started packing for my three-week honeymoon and my clothes are totally different.

There’s colour. And patterns. And a handbag with a palm print on it. I’m not taking any heels and I’ll definitely wear a bikini.

Street style at Fashion Week Sydney

Amy Croffey chats to the most eye-catching fashionistas at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia.

Holiday me will have ice cream for breakfast and pastries for second breakfast. I’ll say things like ‘we should definitely go windsurfing!’ and drink pina coladas before noon. Holiday me is fun. While regular me lives in monochrome, eats sensible breakfasts of porridge and sits at a computer all day, it’s surely entirely impossible to argue with the idea that our holiday selves are definitely our best kind.

Which is why resort wear is so appealing. And also why our holiday wardrobes should break free from who we are in the 9-5. As a side note, this perhaps excludes the time you spent backpacking and had to have a ritual burning of the red puffa vest that features in every single photo taken on trip when you returned.

Resort wear, which is what Australian Fashion Week is all about (and rightly so, it’s definitely our natural habitat), is becoming increasingly important to the fashion industry – it’s a moneymaker because it stays on the racks longer, and the pieces can be more versatile across seasons.

Plus, who doesn’t get a kick out of pieces that are practically like a holiday just wearing them? Or that upon packing them in your suitcase you’re just about guaranteeing that you’re going to ‘throw caution to the wind’ and also look appropriately carefree in your deluge of holiday Instagram posts.

A prime example of this is the opening look at stylist Marina Afonina’s Albus Lumen show at Fashion Week on Monday – a buttoned-through white linen dress worn with a open-top-car-ready Grace Kelly style head scarf (could I pull off the head scarf? Holiday me says yes). The vacation ready collection featured gently tailored pieces in natural fabrics like linen and silk, with Afonina appealing to the pared-back style of many a Sydney fashion girl. As Zara Wong put it on Vogue Australia, “Albus Lumen defines what we want to be wearing in 2017.” That is, easy pieces that make you feel like you’re on hols. Or could be on hols. Or should be on hols. 

It’s a state of mind (even if it’s not one’s actual state) that Net-a-Porter are tapping into with their upcoming launch of holiday ready capsule collections, rather aptly dubbed Jet-a-Porter. Launching May 25 the Jet-a-Porter capsule collections mix and match designers including Zimmermann, Chloé and Attico plus new to site designers like Draper James and Cult Gaia (makers of those bamboo bags that have a cult following on Instagram). Basically it’s fantasy shopping at its most fun.

And just like planning a holiday can almost be as much fun as actually going on it, so too can planning out your holiday self outfits. For me the ultimate must-pack piece is a white linen dress that on holidays never seems to crumple and upon which I never spill sangria. Just like the offerings from many designers in their resort wear collections, holiday me is elevated. 

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