Mexican bishop requires probe into presumed massacre of migrants

Mexican bishop calls for probe into suspected massacre of migrants

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MEXICO CITY – A popular Mexican bishop gotten in touch with the federal government on Thursday to perform an extensive examination into the current discovery of 19 burned bodies, presumed to be Guatemalan migrants, in northern Mexico.

Mexico’s federal government ought to ensure the rights of migrants in Mexican area and develop gentle policies, Bishop José Torres, the Mexican Catholic Church’s spokesperson for migration, included a letter seen by Reuters and dealt with to President Andres Manuel López Obrador and other authorities.

Mexican authorities recuperated the bodies in the border state of Tamaulipas over the weekend. Many had actually gunshot injuries and were terribly charred. Guatemalan households, who think loved ones moving northwards are amongst the victims, have actually supplied DNA samples to verify their identities.

“In the name of the highest values of humanity, we ask the federal government for an exhaustive investigation,” stated Torres, who supervises 120 shelters for migrants. He stated an absence of legal alternatives presses migrants towards unsafe, private networks.

Immigration from Central America and Mexico has actually gone back to the leading edge of local policy considering that U.S. President Joe Biden took workplace previously this month promising to relax some limitations enforced by predecessor Donald Trump.

“One of the contributing factors to this type of tragedy is the implementation of repressive immigration policies and persecution of migrants who only seek better living conditions for themselves and their families,” Torres stated.

Authorities have actually not developed the identity of the victims or the wrongdoers. Tamaulipas Governor Francisco García said on Thursday the killings were an “outrage.”

Every year countless Central Americans and Mexicans leave hardship and violence for the security and financial stability of the United States. Along the unsafe journey, that includes the huge Mexican area, lots of come down with criminal offense.

Tamaulipas is a significant migration path and website of cartel dispute.

“It is a priority that the federal government establishes fair, safe and orderly immigration policies,” Torres stated.

Mexico’s Interior Minister Olga Sánchez today promised that the case will not go unpunished.

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