Michael Bisping lawsuit branded ‘f****** embarrassing’ by Dana White after man sues British UFC star for alleged ‘choking’ incident


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FUMING Dana White has branded the lawsuit towards Michael Bisping “f****** embarrassing” because the Brit described claims he choked one other man in a gymnasium “utterly inaccurate.”

Gymnasium-goer Antonio Georgakopoulos has accused Bisping of placing his fingers to his throat throughout a spat in a weight room.

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Michael Bisping has denied he grabbed a person by the throat and described the allegations as ‘utterly inaccurate’

However the Lancashire fighter was not arrested – and no expenses adopted over the alleged incident at a weight room in Anaheim, California in July.

Since then it’s been reported by TMZ that Georgakopoulos is planning on suing Bisping.

Bisping informed MMA Digest: “No it’s utterly inaccurate or unaccurate it’s not factual.”

The 38-year-old fighter stated he hasn’t acquired any papers concerning the alleged regulation go well with.

 Dana White has fumed at reports of a lawsuit against Bisping

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Dana White has fumed at reviews of a lawsuit towards Bisping
 Michael Bisping is getting ready to face Georges St-Pierre in New York in nine days' time

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Michael Bisping is on the point of face Georges St-Pierre in New York in 9 days’ time

Bisping said: “He filed papers, I haven’t actually received any notification I haven’t been served or anything thing but I’ve heard about it.

“I’m not losing any sleep over it what so ever.”

UFC supremo White commented on the said incident saying if Georgakopoulos didn’t say anything to Bisping then nothing would’ve happened.

White said: “I’ve got to talk to Bisping but I’m sure it’s that typical p***y who opens his mouth at the f****** gym, and then Bisping goes over and — I don’t know what Bisping did to him, but now he wants to sue Bisping.”

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“You should have shut your f****** face in the first place. F****** embarrassing. You’re a clown. Guys like him are a f****** embarrassment.

“You got some meathead saying, ‘Hey, that’s my bench’ and trying to act like a f****** tough guy in the gym.

“Yeah, he’s such a tough guy he’s suing Bisping now.”

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