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Miley Cyrus Welcomes Pit Bull After Saying Goodbye to

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Miley Cyrus can feel the spirit of her a lot left pooch when she hangs out with her latest member of the family.

The 28-year-old star published pictures to Instagram on Sunday, Feb. 21 of herself bonding with her just recently embraced pit bull called Angel. Miley described in a prolonged caption that she picked the name as a homage to Mary Jane, her pit mix who died almost 2 months back after having actually been by her side for near to a years.

She started the post by pricing estimate from “I Thought I Lost You,” her Golden Globe-chosen tune from the 2008 Disney cartoon animation Bolt

“I turned around and you were gone & on the days went,” Miley composed in part, sharing the lyrics. “I kept the moments that we were in. Cause I hoped in my heart you’d come back to me my friend. And now I got you… But I thought I lost you.”

She then described, “Almost two months ago my best friend a rescued pit mix Mary Jane left this world. I knew she wasn’t gone for good. She had out lived the body she was in but she never said goodbye ….. with her eyes she whispered ‘See you soon Bestie’. Mary Jane defined loyalty and would never break a promise. I feel her here with me blessing this new member to my family who’s name is ‘Angel’ because she was delivered to me by one… My Mary.”

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