Milli Vanilli’s Fab Morvan Reveals His One Regret Years After Scandal

Milli Vanilli's Fab Morvan Reveals His One Regret Years After Scandal

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Watching the ended up movie, there were “executives who were not showing true remorse after all those years,” Morvan stated, without calling names. “And it took a very long time for them to really utter the words, to speak the reality. I resembled, ‘Damn’ Even for me, enjoying that made me flinch. It resembled, ‘Yo, truly? It’s like that? Thirty years later on, who are you supporting?'”

But, Korem stated, the point of the task wasn’t to exonerate MilliVanilli

“In the film, even Fab says that ‘we embraced the lie,'” he stated. “It’s to show the people behind the headlines, the real story of the personal journey of Rob and Fab, where they come from, how this impacted them—and, also, the other people.”

Most everyone “kept on doing business as usual,” Morvan stated, shaking his head. “And we were destroyed to a point where Rob lost his life, and I was able to survive through time.”

Pilatus was just 32 when he was discovered dead in a hotel space in Friedrichsdorf, Germany, of what authorities figured out was an unintentional overdose of prescription alcohol and drugs.